Signet Rings

signet rings

Classic Signet Rings

Signet rings are one of the oldest and most traditional types of jewellery known. They have been made and worn for thousands of years and craftsmanship has always played a key role in creating these jewels.

From the earliest methods of fashioning metal and stone to todays more sophisticated techniques what remains is the incredible skill it takes to hand carve gold, platinum and gemstones with finely rendered, detailed designs.

Our workshop has decades of experience in these time-honoured traditions and all our signet rings are meticulously crafted here in the U.K.

We offer three different styles of signet ring in a range of different head sizes and in a variety of different metals.  All these options can be made in any finger size and all are suitable for seal engraving.  In addition they can be inscribed to the inside of the band with an additional message, dates or initials.